Tuesday, 24 January 2012

winter unique fashion

hello this is Jin-Ee

this is going be my first post in my blog.
today i am going to show you the uniqque winterfashion :)

Zara Blazer, American Apparel Sweater, Zara Scarf
i love his shoe, this one is simple but unique?

now here is a fashion for lovely people, she have matched the knit whith the skirt and the
socks(nowdays socks are fashion too:) )
Urban Outfitters Poncho, H&M Shirt, Levis Shorts, Dr Martens Boots
i love her cardigon !! well its too cold for the winter but soon its spring !!
2 In 1 Dress, High Heels
lovely one :) skirt and knit !!

Levis Denim Jacket, Calvin Klein Tuxedo Dress, Mad Lady Bullet Bracelet
this is a bit messy but still very unique!!
Sugarlips Apparel Cargo Jacket, Shanghai Sweater, Asos Shorts
lovely one to put on knit and shirt with short!!
Insight Crushed Velvet Leggings, Dolce Vita Suede Heels
simple!!! and also trendy !!!
H&M, April77 Morricone Reverse Blue, Zara Midtown Nyc, April77 Nightrider Grey, Vans Skateboarding Shoes
i love his wearing !! check shirt !! <3
not unique but still simple and casual.
H&M, Topman, Asos, April77 Joey Admiral, Zara
i think for me this one is the best vintage one !!! his shoes and glasses !!!
classic - shirt, knit and sactual bag
River Island Socks, Enjoi Trousers, Asos Straw Trilby, Warp And Weft Shirt

this look remind me of scarecrow :)

Coat, Bouse And Collar

attention ladies !! fur has been in the trend for this winter and i am predicting that it will be on the next year winter as well. so fur object should be in your shopping list !!
Volcom Beanie, American Apparel Sweater, American Apparel Skirt, Proopticals Glasses, Accessorize Necklace, Primark Wedges
lovely velvet skirt !!
Life After Denim Greyish Green Jacket, Versce Buckled Shoes, Rogues Gallery Graphic Tee, Desert Skull Necklace, Light Wash Acid Jeans, Comune Grey Hoodie, Zipper Bracelet, Jihan Square Pattern Handbag, Serpent Ring, Shredded Circle Scarf, Silver Unicorn R
for the boys :)
Sweater, Dr.Martens
doc martin+sactual bag+spotty knit = simply+ lovely

Blue Sweater, Plaid Shirt, Neoblue Jeans Beige Pants, Brown Leather Loafers From Sav Mor Thrift, Wooden Art Briefcase
one of the blogger that i really like ! his looks are vintage and trendy.
Pacsun Cardigan, Jeffrey Campbell Lita Boots, Monki Lace Top, H&M Bag
now here is the cute one !!
Zara Oxfords, Zara Peacoat, Urban Outfitters Hat
simple but casual wear :0
Thrifted Nautica Long Shirt, Chronicles Grey Singlet, Asos Mustard Pants, Asos Maroon Socks
boy one :) a bit early but its spring soon !
Dr.Martens Boots, H&M Jeans, River Island Sweater, H&M Sailor Socks
ahhhhh red dc martin !!
H&M Sea Shell Necklace, Black Tie Up Wedges, Patterned Tights, H&M Small Leather Back, H&M Lace Shirt, H&M Mini Skater Skirt
lovely one :)

Red Sweater, Bag
and this is me :) not unique but.. its me !!

i hope you guys enjoyed my post :)
getting the fashion right is not that hard so my suggestion is just get the colour well matched and look for other fashion then it will give you ideas !!

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